The Caves at Soda Canyon were founded by the owners of one of our winery partners, Ryan and Crystal Waugh of Waugh Cellars and Six Degrees out of pure passion and love for wine. The Caves are quickly becoming the most popular destination in Napa Valley for wine lovers who are looking for quality wine, quality people and quality experiences.

The site is incredibly unique as it is one of very few fully underground wineries within Napa Valley and California. The Cave construction is stunning and astonishing surprises are to be found around every corner and the philosophy of the wineries featured at The Caves at Soda Canyon sets The Caves apart from all other wineries in Napa Valley.

All four families who call The Caves at Soda Canyon home are first generation winemakers and their stories will inspire all who visit. A commitment to family first will be noticed almost immediately, with this philosophy being followed by multiple winemakers with an unwavering commitment to quality winemaking rarely seen under the same roof (or cave in this instance).

The quality of wine, food, music and hospitality is unmatched and will leave you in awe as you learn more and more about The Caves at Soda Canyon.